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    Our roof, like so many others in the Western region of Kentucky, took a real beating from the ice storms early this year. In fact, it was already over due for replacement. This led us to the arduous task of doing extensive research into both the type of roof, option in materials, and what took for in a quality roof installation.

    This progressed to the interview process of available contractors. What a mixed bag this turned out to be. One after another was rejected for one reason or another. Indeed, some were delinquent in even returning phone calls, touching bases as promised, or submitting estimates. Needless to say, it was a rocky road with what is already a difficult task, getting hold of a reliable, experienced roofer.

    The bright light to this arrived when I called Will Hunter and Donald Scott of HOMELAND ROOFING. Unlike most other roofing business' I contacted, I received an immediate and courteous reply, followed by a prompt and thorough estimate of what was needed. I had a mental checklist from months of research and interviews outlining what I expected, and the prerequisites that hallmarked a legitimate professional roofer. Will and Donald met and exceeded those expectations, in knowledge of installation, materials, attention to details, option and superb timely customer relation.

    They agreed to start the project the very same day. How often does one see THAT from a contractor in a construction project? The process was seamless, with the crew showing up as promised, when promised and without unnecessary delays or excuses. Again, a sight of true professionalism and commitment.

    The job was completed in short order. again acing my personal checklist in all facets, and for a very reasonable and fair price. A conscientious effort was made by the to insure that I approved of their workmanship every step of the way. They truly care about the job they sign their name to. They go out of their way to insure that the customer is satisfied and happy with the results.

    Long story short, my experience has shown that there are a lot of roofers to chose from in this area. Not may qualify as good enough to recommend to friends and neighbors. let alone work on my own home in my estimation. HOMELAND ROOFING is a shining star among all the options, and are true professional at what they do. Their business card reads "25 years of experience", and believe me, it is evident in their craftsmanship, the way they handle their business and customer, and their knowledge base.

    I'm 100% satisfied (not easily won with me ) thanks to HOMELAND ROOFING, and would recommend them to my dearest friends. As a matter of fact, I already have!


Michael and Helen Semann

3317 State Route 121 North

Murray, KY 42071